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Being a writer and trying to make a living at it, requires a customer base. The larger the better, logical I know. So according to Wikipedia, there are between 360- 400 million people who speak English as their first language. Not a bad audience. Yet according to the same Wikipedia page (see how, if you disagree with the figures, I have already passed the buck.) English is third behind Mandarin and Spanish. Now there is a temptation to write in one of those languages. Starting with Mandarin, 960 million potential readers. 

Wow! The downside is, they have weird looking letters and I don’t speak or write the language and learning looks to be a nightmare. Spanish on the other hand does have the same characters as English, plus 470 million speakers, so learning Spanish is on the cards. Then I reflect on my patchy knowledge of English grammar and wonder, maybe I should master one language before I go onto the next. After all I’m only losing 100 million potential customers.

If you are interested in just how I have ended up as a writer, 'My Writing Road' gives you some insight. Just be aware it is a cross between a curriculum vitae and an obituary.  

'My Writing Road'