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A man goes missing in France..

Two reporters are separately drawn into the search for the victim, a search which unpredictably exposes a Government conspiracy. Their investigative journey sees their own suppressed secrets and inner most terrors surface.

(A humorous crime story)

For Martin Hayden life is easy. Living off the family fortune and misleading his Mother into believing that he is a self-employed private detective.

So when Martin is presented with his first ever client by his interfering Mother, he thinks how hard can it be to follow a 95 year old woman, who spends her time losing money at roulette tables. As it turns out, harder than he thought.

(A family mystery)

Being a caring single parent gets a whole lot harder when, by chance, you discover your missing wife lived a secret life.

It gets worst, when well meaning people from her enigmatical life are intent on finding her.

You are worried what other dark secrets they might be uncover. 


And the reason this book is untitled, is that I have not even thought about  it yet. When I do, if you are on my mailing list you will be the first to hear.

You might even want to suggest a story line.