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Sleeping Malice begins with a murder. Two reporters are separately drawn into the search for the victim, a search which leads to the uncovering of dangerous secrets. Their investigative journey sees their own suppressed secrets and inner most terrors surface and threaten to overwhelm them. As the killer discovers, the only control you have over love is to try and destroy it


Is there such a thing as a perfect job? Susan thought that she had found her perfect job, working at a detective agency, sitting at a desk and doing nothing. It was perfect until the day an attractive woman walked into the office, asking about her unfaithful husband.


Being a caring single parent gets a whole lot harder when, by chance, you discover your missing wife lived a secret life. It gets worst, when well meaning people from her enigmatical life are intent on  finding her. You are worried  what other dark secrets might be uncovered,  are not so keen.


The offcial report said, that if the explosion had taken place on a weekday, many more workers would have been killed. Luck or just well planned?