A photograph is worth a thousand words.
But is a photograph worth killing for? 

Following the death of his mysterious tenant, landlord George persuades his friend, journalist Tony Vercoe, to trace the family of the deceased man.
Together they discover hidden documents. Among them is a thirty-year-old press cutting, as well as a roll of 35mm negatives plus two black and white photographs. All are connected to a crooked car dealer.
Nothing made any sense until they found a passport proving the dead man was not the person he said he was. That was not the only surprise; he was also wanted by the police for murder.
No longer a simple news story, Tony begins to dig deeper. It soon becomes clear these old photographs are important to someone, important enough to kill for. By holding onto the photographs Tony knew he was taking a big gamble with his life; he did not mean to put his daughter’s life in danger too.
However, George has not been telling the whole truth about his dead tenant. Now Tony understands that time is running out for him and his daughter. His only hope for them to survive is to uncover the true story behind those old black and white photographs.

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Your past never forgets.

When journalist Helen Taylor lands her dream job on a national newspaper, she could never have imagined that her first assignment would become her worst nightmare.

Travelling to France for a simple story, Helen encounters Phillip, a puzzling Englishman who avoids contact with anyone. When she meets him, she feels there is something dark about him, which may provide her with a major scoop.

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Only when you know the truth,
can you see the lies.

When Laura Evans vanishes, her friend, Caroline, becomes worried and starts to ask questions.
It soon becomes clear that Laura’s life is not simple. It is a complex jigsaw puzzle with each person in Laura’s life having just a few pieces. Laura had never allowed anyone to see the whole picture.
Caroline begins to uncover the fragments of the mystery. She realises that the jigsaw is made up of drug dealing, crooked transactions, deception and a recently stolen valuable antique statue. There is also a lover nobody knew about.
Once the pieces of the jigsaw start to link together, it emerges Laura’s life is in danger. Caroline knows that she is in a race against time to find her friend before anyone else does. 

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